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Browse author series lists, sequels, pseudonyms, synopses, book covers, ratings and awards. Though hines is a respected author of speculative fiction, hes best known for his viral collections of photographs that parody the gender tropes of fantasy and sciencefiction book covers. Hines is actively involved in causes that oppose bullying and sexual harassment in the science fiction and fantasy literary fields. With his photos, which he publishes on his blog, hines poses as women to show how they are depicted on covers in physically impossible or uncomfortable positions to make them sexually appealing. Jim hines imitating poses of fantasy cover pictures of. Jim hinesthe author who cancelled his ama due to reddit. Hes a fantasy author, and hes just posted a blog details his latest adventures in imitating the poses of the worst excesses of cover art. Jim hines develops software for the analysis of animal population dynamics and management. There are lots of people who want to do something different which helps them in separating from the crowd and in making a different identity. In january 2012, hines posted on his blog with the headline striking a pose women and fantasy covers, a discussion triggered by some of the poses in which female characters are drawn on the covers of books in his princess series. Author jim hines covers his 2011 income in detail good. Cover posing in january of 2012, i decided that i wanted to talk about science fiction and fantasy cover art, particularly the ways women were portrayed. He gets into character by twisting his body into the same contorted positions as the female characters on the books.

Youll receive the autographed paperback of tamora carter. Reddit gives you the best of the internet in one place. Hines has been waging war against poorly photoshopped, exploitative fantasy and scifi novel covers for some time now, in the best way he can think of. Hines attempted to mirror some of these anatomically incorrect poses on the covers of one of his own works and those of a variety of other fantasists. Hines out in november 2017, and his first official foray into science fiction. Jun 4, 2012 this pin was discovered by laura stevenson.

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